PFABC Super Bowl LV Square Fundraiser

The PFHS Athletic Booster Club is holding a Super Bowl Square fundraiser to benefit all athletes & teams! This is a SUPER fun way to donate and will make the SUPER Bowl even more exciting!!! Soooo…Don’t Delay!…It’s almost a week away…GET YOUR SQUARES TODAY!!!

  • Squares – $20 donation per square; Max 5 squares per email/login (100 total squares per pool – if we sell out one pool, we will start a second).
  • Prizes – $250 VISA gift cards for the winning square at the end of each quarter (per pool, if multiple pools). Winning is based on the last digit in the score of each team at the end of each quarter. (If the score is 17-10 (TB – KC) at end of quarter, then the square with 7 for Tampa Bay and 0 for Kansas City wins the prize for that quarter.


Register for a free account at

Pool Name: PFABC Super Bowl Square

Numbers: Pools close before kickoff. Random numbers are then generated by to fill the row and column headers of the grid. There will be a printer friendly version available once the pool is closed.


The login/name per square is responsible for making donation via PayPal (send payment to . Enter your Officefootballpool ID name in the “notes” section on PayPal so we can confirm your payment and match you to your square(s).

Any squares not sold, or for which payment is not received will belong to PFABC. If, for any reason, we are unable to proceed with this fundraiser, all donations will be refunded.

Questions: Contact

Website Help: Contact

Grab those SQUARES & GOOD LUCK!!! Thank you for your support!